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Propane Safety

Listen: propane is safe, especially when used correctly and handled with care. Of course, like any fuel, there is some degree of risk attached to it, so please be sure to exercise caution and follow the appropriate safety measures at all times.

Guidelines such as these will help protect your property and ensure your safety. Remember to read the manuals below and consult the professionals at L&G Propane if you have any questions.


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Propane Safety Booklet

This informative 32-page booklet details how to use propane safely and what to do in case of an emergency. It also offers a series of insightful appliance safety and maintenance tips.




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Important Propane Safety Information for you and your family

This small brochure outlines the basic fundamentals of propane safety, explaining what to do if you smell gas and warning you about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.




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Important Propane Safety Information for users of small cylinders

This small brochure was written specifically for people who use small propane cylinders. It outlines basic storage procedures, tells you how to test for leaks and provides advice on transporting small cylinders.




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